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Delivery by Value (DBV)

Our term DBV product allows you to obtain liquidity to finance your daily activity while ensuring you do not sit on idle collateral.

DBV is a GlobalClear collateral product that allows firms to borrow cash on a fully collateralised and secure basis.
Product specifics:

  • A loan is agreed bilaterally between two counterparties.
  • The cash amount is exchanged, DVP, versus one or more predetermined baskets of collateral.
  • We perform a daily stock-based mark-to-market which maintains the correct collateral value relative to the cash borrowed.
  • Should our system identify an imminent settlement transaction that requires stock pledged as collateral, a substitution will be processed replacing this required line of stock with an other of equal value, in line with the criteria of the basket.
  • When the counterparties agree to close the loan, stock is returned line by line, DVP, in order to ensure the entirety of the loan does not remain open due to one line of missing stock.