As a responsible corporate citizen, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. CDB-Group focuses on three main environmental pillars: compliance, emissions, and resource use. We respect both the letter and the spirit of environmental laws across all our locations, practice effective energy, water and waste efficiency in our premises and commit to preventing pollution by minimising and being accountable for our environmental impacts.

  • Invested over €0.6 million, in carbon credits
  • Endorser of EU Datacentre Code of Conduct
  • Participating in Science Based Targeting
  • New target set for 2024 - a 36% reduction based on our 2014 baseline

Improving health and living conditions in Darfur

As part of our carbon neutrality programme (certified by CarbonClear to PAS 2060), as well as reducing our own carbon emissions, we also invest in Gold Standard offset projects in some of the poorest countries in the world. One of these projects is the low smoke cookstove project in the Sudan.

In much of Africa, women use open wood burning fires to cook over. Not only does this rapidly deplete forests, but it is also a major health concern, with many people dying from respiratory diseases.

This project addresses seven of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, reducing poverty, improving health, empowering women and reducing the impact on the environment.

Some fast facts

  • 10,074 stoves installed in people’s homes
  • 41,510 tCO2 saved in 2019
  • 96% of households with improved air quality
  • 83% of households with cleaner kitchens
  • 71% of women said they have more free time
  • 78% of husbands get involved with cooking activities

We are supporting two other carbon offset projects, which we’ll be communicating on shortly. Watch this space.

Green Grassroots initiatives

We encourage our staff to get involved in environmental projects and to come up with new ideas themselves. 

Find out how Marshia Medrichi from our IT helped introduce organic food into our company restaurant