Corporate actions

Complete, efficient and reliable corporate action servicing across a wide range of asset classes and markets.

With one Euroclear Bank account, you get a full service solution for:

  • mandatory corporate actions
  • mandatory corporate actions with options
  • voluntary corporate actions

You obtain access to our long experience and unique ability to handle multi-market corporate actions: we processed large portions of the most complex corporate actions in recent financial market history.

Taskize - a unique service for banking operations staff to get work done faster - helping the financial services industry make work flow by enabling clients, colleagues and counterparties to address manual interventions efficiently, intelligently and securely.

Our comprehensive service

  • Timely, accurate and cross-checked information – we proactively seek information and distribute preliminary information for cash interest, dividend and redemption payments 
  • For large or complex corporate actions, you receive extra, easy to understand Q&As 
  • Competitive deadlines, giving everyone the maximum time available to instruct 
  • Efficient, highly automated processing, including real-time credit of securities during the day
  • Advance processing of cash interest, dividend and redemption payments – unblocked as soon as the payment from the agent to us has been confirmed
  • Electronic certification wherever possible, avoiding the burden of paper certification where possible
  • Easy-to-use reporting

Efficient tools and support are always on hand

We are dedicated to making corporate actions as easy as possible for you with our:

  • corporate actions app - centralising corporate action documentation and forms
  • support across time zones – we have operations centres in Brussels, Krakow and Hong Kong, and offices across the world, from Tokyo to New York
  • constant focus on higher efficiency and automation
  • commitment to harmonising cross-market corporate action practices – as a member of ISMAG

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