FinTech / Innovation

We view Fintech as an opportunity to increase efficiencies in the post-trade domain through greater collaboration and innovation, while unlocking mutual cost-savings. Under increasingly heavy regulatory and compliance roadmaps, we are challenged as to how to bring the advantages of new technology into a highly-regulated landscape whilst maintaining our systemically important FMI role as the reliable and trusted business partner. Collaboration is key. We have embarked on a number of partnerships with Fintech startups aimed at better ways of working to increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk.

TaskizE - a collaborative problem-solving tool for back offices - assists industry work-flows by enabling clients, colleagues, and counterparties to address operational manual interventions efficiently, intelligently, and securely.

Quantessence – automating asset allocation for funds - a UK-based financial technology company delivering an open architecture platform that manages the running of predefined asset allocation algorithms. The service will connect distributors, asset managers and hedge providers (investment banks and re-insurers) on the CDB Quantessence platform to automate the running of these algorithms.

B-Hive aims to build a strong network between incumbents (insurers, bank and market infrastructures like CDB) and start-ups and scale-ups to boost global innovation and possibly facilitate new partnerships with fintech companies that look at our ‘old’ industry challenges in new ways. Find more information about B-Hive.

Distributed-Ledger Technology (DLT) we are working with the industry on DLT-based solutions such as Liquidshare – a startup we support together with other market participants in Russia to develop a post-trade infrastructure using blockchain for the SME market