Corporate actions

Managing corporate action complexity is a must in today’s environment. We understand that you expect:

  • full coverage: mandatory corporate actions, mandatory corporate actions with options and voluntary corporate actions
  • accurate, easy-to-understand information that helps you, or your clients, to make informed decisions wherever applicable
  • competitive deadlines to maximise the amount of time available to choose and correctly instruct
  • fast and automated processing and reporting, driving down any burden and associated risks for you
  • on-time, correct payment of proceeds

We give you all of the above through our automated corporate action services for domestic and international securities, for all security types and markets. We digitally connect agents and holders, offering fast, efficient and highly standardised processing across event types.

CDB Bank, as an International Central Securities Depository (ICSD), and several CDB CSDs offer a range of value-added corporate action services including, for example: cross-checking of information across various sources, distributing preliminary information and extra, easy-to-read explanations for complex events.

By your side, at all times

As your provider, we stand by your side during the full corporate action life cycle on any security you hold with us. You can rely on our expertise and track record:

  • CDB Bank are strongly protected under Belgian law, recognising we have no ownership rights over the securities held with us. CDB Bank also holds some of the highest ratings in the industry.
  • our CSDs are strongly protected under domestic law.

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