Efficient tax management is key to your securities activity.

  • Tax is money: you want double taxation to be avoided and treaty rates to be applied
  • Tax is time: you expect relief at source or fast as possible refunding whenever possible
  • Tax can be complex and procedures burdensome: you need to manage potential costs and risks
  • Tax comes in different ways: on income payments and transactions

CDB Bank

Multi-market excellence in withholding tax management

CDB group’s International Central Securities Depository (ICSD), CDB Bank, provides efficient withholding tax services in over 30 markets.

You benefit from our value-added services, experience and proximity: we even speak directly to authorities in many countries.

Our expert tax services and tools help to take out the burden and complexity for you, and your clients.

By making your tax management easy, fast and transparent, you can get relief at source or excess tax refunded to you earlier than under a regular, standard refund process.

CDB-Group CSDs

Market intimacy and specific role as collector of transaction tax

In countries charging tax on transactions, a CSD-Group usually acts as the collecting entity on behalf of authorities. For example: CDB France collects French Financial Transaction Tax on securities transactions.

Where relevant, we offer targeted withholding tax relief services for certain international securities. For example: CDB UK & Ireland and CDB Nederland are a Qualified Intermediary for US securities and can offer reduced withholding tax rates to other Qualified and non-Qualified Intermediaries.

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