Diversity & Inclusion is key to attracting the right talent and ensuring the right mix of people for future success. Our Employee Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Wellbeing strategies help create an environment where all employees feel valued, respected and fully engaged to contribute to our future success; regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

We value our employees highly and are committed to protecting them, by providing a safe, secure and healthy workplace.

  • 50/50 split between men and women
  • Four female CEOs
  • Equal pay for equivalent work practice
  • 52% women in first-line management and operational experts (up 4%)
  • Unconscious bias training for people managers 

Although we have a good gender balance across the company, in our IT Divisions, we still have a way to go. One of the reasons for the shortage of women in IT is that still too few women choose to study STEM subjects at school, resulting in a lack of female candidates in the recruitment pipeline. Read below how CDB-Group is addressing this issue through our partnership with Greenlight for Girls, an organisation that works with companies and schools to get girls interested in STEM .

Getting girls into STEM

While the situation is improving, we still have a way to go getting women into IT roles. CDB-Group comes out well as far as gender diversity goes as a company, but, as with many companies, our IT Divisions still struggle to find women to fill open vacancies.

Encouraging young women to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects is key to getting more women into the IT job pipeline. Without the candidates, it’s difficult to increase the number of women in IT roles.

That’s why CDB-Group partners with Greenlight for Girls to help young women make choices at school that they otherwise may not have considered.

We have partnered with Greenlight for Girls several times in the past and in March, we took advantage of City Giving Day to invite two G4G representatives to our London office. What better way to bring the issue of girls in traditionally male areas to the fore than by inviting the daughters of staff to a two hour workshop run by G4G and some of our young graduates?

This was a really fun experience for all. G4G set up a series of experiments which demonstrated that science can engaging - and it’s not just something for the boys.

We had very positive feedback from the staff and the girls who participated. Angela Sandy ‘Louise absolutely loved her day, thank you very much for this I think it’s a fantastic initiative’.