GlobalClear Plc

Corporate actions

Market knowledge, asset servicing and comprehensive, efficient corporate action services. That is what you, and your clients, expect throughout the full corporate action life cycle.

We ensure the safe, fast and accurate transfer of proceeds relating to mandatory corporate actions (with options) and voluntary corporate actions for:

  • CREST securities: UK & Irish domestic securities held directly with a recognised registrar
  • international securities held via our links with CDB Bank, DTCC and SIX SIS AG

We make sure you can:

  • plan and make informed choices with timely, high-quality, accurate information - we reach 99.9% accuracy 
  • have the maximum time to instruct with our close-to-market election deadlines 
  • minimising cost and risk with standardised with fast and efficient processing
    access easy-to-use reporting 
  • choose how to receive your cash proceeds - pound sterling, euro or US dollar
  • avoid expensive mistakes and reduce risk further with buyer protection
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