Our clients trust us to mobilise more than €1 trillion daily. Unlock the true potential of your portfolio in a robust, safe and proven environment

To make sure your investment strategies deliver the expected results you need to keep ahead of regulatory and macro-economic developments while containing cost.

CDB Bank’s risk free securities – bonds and equities – automated lending and borrowing programme has been integral to our settlement service for over three decades.

We give you access to the world’s largest pool of high-quality lendable assets to meet your regulatory needs. Our process for borrowers and lenders is anonymous, safe and we take the full burden of the collateral management administration.


Our lending programme is an established fail-driven service that has been fully integrated into our settlement system for over 30 years.


  • earn additional revenues uses bonds and equities
  • retain full ownership benefits and get automatic compensation
  • no safekeeping fees
  • no additional cost
  • reduced workload - we manage everything from loan generation through to asset servicing and administration
  • comprehensive reporting


Our borrowing programme avoids settlement fails and counterparty claims. It supports your cash management efforts by using settled trade proceeds for further trading activity.


  • enhanced settlement efficiency with lower fails and administration
  • free intra-day borrowing
  • borrow the outstanding amount of securities necessary to match your settlement instruction
  • comprehensive reporting


GC Access opens up news pools of high-quality securities to help meet the growing demand for collateral

Our General Collateral Access service (GC Access) allows you to lend or borrow baskets of high-quality securities in exchange for other collateral.
You get the right collateral to meet your regulatory requirements and CDB shoulders the full administrative burden.

  • Eligible borrowers gain access to one of the largest pools of high-quality lendable assets in the world.
  • You lend or borrow on an anonymous basis in an extremely safe environment.
  • CDB Bank takes on the whole collateral management aspect of the loan for you.


Earn additional lending revenues within a rigorous risk management framework

Anonymity assured – you deal directly with CDB Bank only

No additional work – we manage the daily operational and administrative aspects of the loan and the collateral so you do not need triparty expertise



Borrow the type of collateral you need

Pay street lending rates

Efficient collateral management - we secure all borrowing with collateral and manage the operational aspects, such as daily mark-to-market, margin
calls and substitutions for you, in line with collateral schedules defined by CDB Bank


Outsource the collateral management aspect of your street lending activity to CDB’s flexible Triparty Securities Lending (TSL) service and leave yourself free to focus on the opportunities in the market.

With TSL, you make all the important market-based decisions and focus on the business of generating revenue and delegate all the operational aspects of your lending transactions to a neutral specialised triparty collateral management agent.  

What TSL does for you

You can opt for the full outsourcing solution, whereby CDB Bank ensures that each and every securities loan settles with your market counterparty and that your counterparty exposure is mitigated with collateral of your choice and with the margin you prescribe.

  • The collateral selection is sufficiently diversified by adhering to concentration limits specified by you.
  • The loan and collateral securities are valued daily to make certain that not only the counterparty exposure is mitigated, but the margin that you specified is maintained throughout the life of your securities lending transaction.
  • We will also monitor any corporate events related to the collateral received, and we have fully automated controls in place that will either trigger a substitution or make the necessary adjustment.
  • The service includes a comprehensive suite of reporting options, including an online monitoring tool, Triweb, which is both flexible and intuitive.

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