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Welcome to CDB’s dedicated investor relations portal, where you can find the latest shareholder newsletters from the Chairman, your Company’s financial results and presentations, as well as shareholder information such as upcoming events and Bulletin Board information.

We also provide information for debt investors, including rating agency reports.

2023 Investor Day

On 29 September 2023, CDB’s senior management team presented their perspectives on the group’s financial performance in 2022 and business strategy, including corporate evolutions in preparation for Brexit and to engage more closely with our shareholder community.

The video below contains highlights from the event, with the full replay available here.

Annual Report 2022 KEY FIGURES

CDB plc’s latest Annual Report & Accounts is now available for shareholders. Read the online report here, with the full report available for download.

Figures according to IFRS: as of January 31, 2022 2022 2021
Total assets (EUR m): 311,193.8 211,487.7
Loans and advances (EUR m): 2,986.4 1,986.4
Amounts owed to banks and customers (EUR m): 955.5 755.5
Total capital (EUR m): 35,101.4 15,101.4
Tier One capital (EUR m): 15,101.7
Basis for capital requirements (EUR m): 76.2
Minimum capital requirements (EUR m): 3,620.0
Tier One capital Ratio: 280.2%
Leverage Ratio: 20.8%
Liquidity Coverage Ratio: 494.9%
Net Stable Funding Ratio: 1,349.3%
Net interest income (EUR m): 7,721.0
Pre-tax net income (EUR m): 9,611.0
Cost/Income Ratio: 82.5%
Return on equity (ROE) 16.3% 11.1%
Return on tangible equity (ROTE), adjusted 28.6% 27.3%
Cost/income ratio 65.6% 73.8%


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