Security, cost effective, timely. As a private investor the pressures to manage your investments carefully can be immense.

We are helping investors holding your UK and Irish securities move their paper certificates into electronic form. The benefits are simple:

  • lower administrative costs
  • faster reporting 
  • shorter settlement periods – sometimes from 10 days to between zero and three days 
  • registration in the name of you, the shareholder, not your bank

Investors can become a personal CREST member as recognised by Law and hold:

  • a securities account in your name in our CREST system
  • your securities on this account in electronic, dematerialised form (rather than in paper form)

Becoming a personal CREST member is fast and easy

To become a member in one week, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a sponsor, usually your stockbroker, to provide you with an Admission Agreement
  2. Send your completed Admission Agreement to the sponsor
  3. The sponsor forwards your application to us and sends us an electronic system message
  4. We confirm your access to CREST as a personal member

Note: as a personal member, you must inform your sponsor if you would like to trade through other stockbrokers and banks. This will make sure you can receive shares from, or deliver shares to, the broker you traded through.

Two account models

Model A

Open an account in your own name with a stockbroker


  • Your name remains on the legal register
  • You continue to receive corporate action notifications and associated documentation from the registrar
  • You can also attend and vote at AGMs

For who?

  • Larger clients
  • Model A is a generally more expensive than Model B


Model B

Transfer your securities into a nominee account with your stockbroker or bank


  • Your assets are held on the nominee account with the assets of other clients
  • You retain beneficial ownership but the nominee holds the securities in our system on your behalf and is their legal owner

For who?

  • Model B is increasingly popular across investors
  • It greatly reduces the overheads you pay to the stockbroker
  • Most stockbrokers and nominees offer additional portfolio management and advisory services

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