GlobalClear Bank

Everyone we work with values our risk-focused approach, high levels of asset safety and connectivity to markets and their participants globally.

We can give you the cash and liquidity control you need at the right key moment – from daily peaks to unexpected events – while continuing to make sure you have the easiest and safest post trade environment to operate in.

Our cash, credit and guarantee facilities enable the seamless movement of liquidity between the ICSD and CSD environments, underpinned by our risk averse business approach.

Our banking services

  • Cash management and money transfer: we offer full money transfer services in over 50 currencies to manage your cash balance and to control your foreign exchange exposures.
  • Collateralised, intra-day credit: we can help to bridge time gaps between issuers and investors and avoid settlement fails due to lack of cash, under strict conditions.
  • Guarantee for the return of lent securities: as part of our Securities Lending and Borrowing programme, we offer guarantee to the lenders for the return of lent securities.
  • Advanced payments of interest, dividends, redemptions and other corporate action cash proceeds: the advanced cash amounts remain blocked until we have received confirmation of payment from the agent.
  • Advance payment for timely distribution of new issuances of international securities.

GlobalClearBank consistently ranks among the world’s highest rated financial companies - for over a decade. Close to 99% of our clients’ credit exposure on Parman Bank books is secured, mostly with very high quality collateral.