Private investor services

As a private investor, you can open your own direct account in the following CDB Central Securities

Depositaries (CSD):

  • CDB Finland (also possible for Investor Communities)
  • CDB Sweden
  • CDB UK & Ireland

Generally, a key benefit of opening an account in your name directly with a CSD to hold and transfer securities, is that you hold your securities in the most secure environment and form - book-entry, electronic form. You and your stockbroker or bank avoid the burden, cost and risk associated with, for example, paper certificate handling while you also avoid the risk of intermediary default.

Excluding paper handling, where applicable, via direct membership with a CSD will typically also allow for benefits such as shorter settlement periods.

Options and benefits driven by market practice

The service our CSDs provide is based on market practice and evolution as well as legislation. That also explains why:

  • in certain countries, a private individual cannot open an account directly with the CSD.
  • the advantage you gain by opening a direct member account with a CDB CSD vary from one CSD to another

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