GlobalClear Plc

GlobalClear’s proven and robust securities lending and borrowing programme delivers unprecedented settlement efficiency for our clients.

It can be used to:

  • Cover shorts
  • Optimise settlement
  • Fund collateral operations

Clients agree terms with their counterparty bilaterally and then simply input appropriate Securities Lending Outbound (SLO) instructions.

As soon as this settles, the return leg (SLR) is automatically created in a frozen state.

At the agreed term of the loan, both counterparties will send instructions to unfreeze the SLR and close the loan.

What makes us different?

  • The return leg of the transaction is automatically created, meaning a reduced operational burden for you.
  • Throughout the duration of the loan we will mark to market the loan every day to ensure it is fully collateralised.
  • All transaction settle on delivery versus payment (DVP) basis ensuring no risk is incurred by either counterparty.

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