Funds / ETFs

Safe, open and cost effective - we are helping the global funds industry to meet the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

We help investors, fund managers, transfer agents, fund platforms and other CSDs manage the growing pressures from technology, regulatory change and investor demand through our:

  • network - 1200+ administrators from 30 domiciles, centralised through one channel
  • flexible order execution to settlement service
  • coverage - mutual, money market, alternative funds and ETFs
  • full transparency throughout the distribution chain
  • relationships with market associations

How we connect with the global funds industry

CDB-Group FundsPlace services

Order management

  • Real-time order confirmation and status updates
  • Possibility to delegate order placement to underlying clients
  • Large range of connectivity options: browser, upload, Swift, FIX and third party APIs
  • Multi-currency dealing across a wide fund universe


  • Automated settlement centralised through one channel
  • Reporting available to support cash management

Asset servicing

  • Account opening for the full suite of funds − includes all the appropriate AML KYC controls
  • Flexible account structure options − designed to meet different business requirements (omnibus / segregated)
  • Reconciliation and standardised reporting − covers your entire portfolio and disclosure reporting for fund managers
  • Corporate events – get notification of all corporate events, from annual general meetings to the declaration of entitlements
  • Fund data – access to our centralised funds database for details of net asset values (NAVs), cut-off times, subscription amounts, settlement currencies, support for account opening and administration forms and more

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