GlobalClear Plc

Funds / ETFs

The UK investment industry continues to be a leading global player which means you need to have the right domestic and international connections to manage all your assets - from mutual funds to ETFs and hedge funds.

At GlobalClear FundsPlace, we give investors, fund and wealth managers a single gateway to connect with the international and domestic markets while managing their funds transaction processing needs.

Our goal is to let you focus on your business priorities by providing you with full transparency and control and removing operational risk and complexity.

We provide a complete and flexible UK and Ireland investment funds service from order routing, management, settlement and asset servicing - that connects global participants international and domestic markets.

How do we make a difference for our clients?

  • Real-time settlement and comprehensive asset servicing facilities for both domestic and international funds
  • Locally-based order routing for all domestic and international investment fund transactions via EMX
  • Unrivalled market proximity for added trade certainty and customer service