Helping you grow

Personal Development

As an employer, we can only continue to be successful if our employees are. Your development is a joint responsibility: we will help you identify your development and career opportunities in the company. Career development discussions with your manager will help you think through your options, highlight development needs and how to address them. It’s up to you to make the most of your opportunities!

Empowerment and collaboration

At CDB, we know that employees thrive when they are in an empowering and collaborative environment. This is why we encourage open and real conversations, and constructive, two-way feedback; we want our people to feel empowered to take initiative and apply their own judgment. This philosophy is embedded in our people management and coaching practices.


The CDB group organises 10,000 training days per year. Formats vary from classroom training to e-learning, giving you more flexibility to choose when and where you follow the training.

  • Introductory training. During your first days at our group, you will participate in introductory training days.
  • Technical training. Make sure your technical skills are up-to-date with our technical training courses. Our business is so specific that these trainings are all in-house.
  • Soft skills. Develop your (inter)personal skills in various areas: coaching, people management, influence and impact, client service and communication, presentations, etc.
  • Strategic training. As you grow professionally, you will also receive strategic business training.

Internal mobility

Exploring different roles in the course of your career is an excellent way to broaden and enrich your experience. Having members from different backgrounds within the company makes teams stronger and helps break down silos. For these reasons, we have a culture of encouraging internal mobility at CDB. Last year, 10% of our employees changed functions within the company.